Seniors on Wheels- A private transportation service for all seniors , we cater to private Seniors homes and private residences in Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa and all of Durham region. Charter Services also Available.

Hello Everyone!


Just a friendly reminder that with the snow coming, and the cold heading our way. We want to make sure and stay warm and safe.

Bring out your hats and mitts, scarves and jackets!

Remember to be careful of ice patches.

If you have some where to go, let “Seniors on Wheels” help with the driving, and getting you around.

Our drivers can stay with you as you run your errands.

For more information call Angie Papas at 647-224-2879

or Visit our website at

Now here is something to give you a little laugh!

A senior couple decided to go shopping one day, and split their efforts by going separate ways. Near the end of the shopping event they decided to get together for lunch. As the woman was on her way to the rendezvous point, she heard a traffic warning on the radio that a car was driving in the wrong direction up ahead. Knowing that her husband was near the point of the warning, she decided to call him on the cell phone. When he answered, she explained, “I just heard on the news, someone is driving in the wrong direction on the highway!” And the husband replied, “One? There’s hundreds of folks going the wrong way where I am!”

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